HR Manager

REF 1310084
27.05.2023 | Abu Dhabi | full time
A human resources manager, or HR Supervisor, is responsible for coordinating all administrative activities related to an organizations personnel. Their duties include developing recruitment strategies, implementing systems for managing staff benefits, payroll and behavior and onboard new employees.
Applicants 29

Restaurant Manager

REF 1310075
27.05.2023 | Dubai | full time
Restaurant Managers take on many responsibilities, including effectively recruiting and managing employees, overseeing operations, handling customer complaints, and generating financial reports.
Applicants 20

General Manager

REF 1310135
20 hours ago | Abu Dhabi | full time
Responsibilities: • Overseeing daily business operations • Developing and implementing growth strategies • Training low-level managers and staff • Creating and managing budgets • Improving revenue • Hiring employees.
Applicants 8

Duty Manager

REF 1308153
20.05.2023 | Abu Dhabi | full time
Duty Manager responsibilities include overseeing daily operations, ensuring employee productivity, monitoring efficiency of all processes and creating a positive work environment for employees.
Applicants 11

Bar Manager

REF 1308147
20.05.2023 | Abu Dhabi | full time
Selects and purchases liquor and other supplies. Oversees staff, including bartenders and barbacks, and, in some cases, bouncers, wait staff, and/or kitchen staff as well. Hires, trains, promotes, and, when necessary, disciplines or fires staff.
Applicants 10
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