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Audiologists are health care professionals who diagnose, manage, and treat hearing, balance, or ear problems. They work in the field of audiology, which is the science of hearing and balance. They determine the severity and type of hearing loss a patient has and develop a plan for treatment.
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Family doctors— also called general practitioners or GPs— work in settings such as physicians offices and hospitals where they see patients for acute care and general health maintenance. They diagnose injuries, prescribe treatments, order tests, and interpret test results.
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ENT Surgeon

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Youll treat conditions that affect the senses such as hearing and balance disorders or smell and taste problems. Youll also treat patients with conditions that affect their voice, breathing and swallowing as well as those with head and neck tumours.
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Gastroenterologists help to treat, manage and investigate stomach, intestine and hepatological (liver, gallbladder, biliary tree and pancreas) diseases. CV. Salary: negotiable.
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Beyond administrative duties, responsibilities of a CRC may include acting as a liaison for the clinical site, ensuring staff are properly trained per the protocol, recruiting and/or registering participants, maintaining study guidelines, and collecting and/or reviewing the data or review before it .
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