Human Resource Management is one of the key roles in every organization. As the term says it is literally managing the available human resources in an effective manner. The important feature of HR is to increase employee performance. Human Resources became a separate stream of study in the early 20th century. Later on various research and developments happened in this world including the Hawthorne experiments conducted by Elton Mayo. Now it is a fully fledged area of study and employment.HR consulting emerged from management and addresses human resource management tasks as well as decisions. There are two types of HR consultants: expert resource consultant and process/people consultant. Expert resource consultant provides solutions based on expertise and experience. While Process/People consultant provides solutions based on methods that facilitate and raise creativity of the client's company so that they will be able to implement solutions themselves. Taking up a career in HR becomes a goal in many people's life these days. Here are some of the essential tips to reach greater heights in HR.

Good communication

Communication is the basic necessity of each and every person to succeed in life. Being an HR needs effective communication skills such as writing and speaking. There will be n number of mails, phone calls, inter personal communications, training be handled by a HR alone. HR should be able to handle both soft and hard communications. One of the most important factor is that of handling every situation with calmness. Being it a HR Job in UAE or anywhere else, a good orator can win hearts. There are some points to be noted for being a good communicator:
  • Speak to the point
  • Make a note before you go for a meeting
  • Be organized in speaking
  • Avoid unnecessary confusion by adding complicate jargons
  • Do not include personal talks in office

Be the leader

HR Manager is the backbone of any firm. He or she should be able to lead the company from the front. Selection of the candidate, deciding the salary, giving them proper training, guiding them, supporting them, deciding the budget, reviewing their work, taking responsibility and focusing on solving the issue etc. are the main duties of HR. A person who back outs in crucial situation cannot be a good HR. A leader always let others grow by taking the best out of them. There are some points for becoming a leader:
  • Inspire others by becoming an example
  • Be punctual
  • Take risks
  • Be flexible enough for situations
  • Be the first one to reach and leave the last

Be an expert

As Abraham Lincoln says "whatever you are, be a good one". We need to take note of the fact that whatever we do, we need to do with perfection. In this era of technology, we need to become a tech savvy to run in pace with our competitors. Knowing the recent trends in marketing and professional working, we can easily tackle the situations in a more effective way. The below mentioned points can be taken into account for that.
  • Learn new things everyday
  • Use modern technology
  • Implement ideas
  • Create projects
  • Learn about Facebook, Google plus etc. to promote the company

Expand network

We need to increase the network in all streams. This helps in getting in touch with people from different streams. It can really improve our business and helps in growing the company. It is always good to be in contact with CEO'S and other General Managers for getting good deals at the earliest. Keep a track on the upcoming companies, arrange meetings, implement ideas and invest your time.
  • Contact new people in high positions
  • Keep a backup plan for every deal
  • Involve in healthy discussions
  • Make effective use of professional meetings by collecting contact details

Be a hand to help and support

There should be a space given for the employees to share their issues to HR manager. Regular updates on feedback forms, one on one meetings, work output chart, daily reporting, etc. should be taken care properly. If an employee complains about something, take a note of it and try to solve it immediately. On the other hand, make sure nobody in the office maintains or keeps ego or colleague rivalry. Always be a hand to support.
  • Create a good atmosphere in office
  • Make cool off sessions or entertainment sessions
  • Appreciate efforts
  • Encourage hard work

Make rules and don't be the one who breaks it!

HR policies differs from place to place and company to company. Do not hesitate to upgrade yourself to the new rules and regulations. If you are staying in a foreign country, make sure about the existing laws, visa details, renewal, timing, dress code, travel details, office codes, meeting timing and weekly report, minimum work productivity, warnings for violating the code of conduct etc. The most important fact is that of keeping up the word. Once you made the laws, do not break it for yourself. At the same time welcome suggestions from colleagues for a smooth working of the system.
  • Make rules which are strict enough and always update with higher authorities
  • Keep a track on things
  • Enquire about the issues
  • Make sure about the deadlines
  • Keep the output chart of each employee

Prepare, persuade, predict

There is a quote saying "expect the best, prepare for the worst, capitalize on what comes". It can be aptly applied to HR as well. We need to be prepared for a long term plan which can really help the company grow. It has to be specific, interesting and inspiring. We need to have a push factor which can help the employees work better. It should not be with too much of restrictions, because it may adversely affect the company. We should be able to tackle any situation. If an employee sends a resignation letter, we should be able to know the exact reason. If many people repeat the same thing, we should understand that there is something wrong with the policies or support. A good HR should be able to predict these things in advance and do the needful. Being supportive to employees can do wonders. Let the ideas flourish and ask them to share it with you without hesitation.
  • Be an anchor of trust
  • Be a model to everyone
  • Maintain good etiquette
HR management is both an interesting as well as hardworking job. It needs passion, dedication and focus to reach greater heights in this field. There can be many points to be added to become an efficient and well established HR.

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